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Kaolin is a place to live to know in depth the spectacular intertwining between nature and memory.
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An Info-Point is freely open to the public, it is equipped with information panels in which the spectacular reality of this wonderful site is told.
Furthermore, in collaboration with the institutions, the Aeolian Study Centre, the associations and the local authorities, educational, artistic-cultural, recreational and sports activities are organized.


We organize guided tours by appointment with nature guide, available in Italian, English and German, that will help you to professionally learn more about scientific topics connected with the Kaolin Quarries. From sunrise to sunset, every moment is ideal for seeing colours and savouring scents that only the power of nature of this place can give.


Cultural afternoon with the Nesos Association and the Aeolian Study Centre: a guided tour of the Territory-Man-Environment section, which is part of the museum's volcanology pavilion, is combined with a guided tour of the Quarries.


Trekking to the Kaolin Quarries is one of the most evocative of the Island of Lipari thanks to an intense succession of powerful naturalistic and cultural cues.
Through a journey lasting about 3 hours, which winds through canyons, cliffs and ancient crops, we reach the Terme di San Calogero, considered among the oldest spas ever known.


Artistic, cultural and musical events are organized, with a selection of proposals to enrich the Kaolin Quarries summer with new intellectual experiences and artistic expressions.